Poetry publications*


Terrible Beast Libre. St. Petersburg: Svoe press, 2013 (pdf);

Apple Space. Moscow: Argo-Risk, 2006 (link).


habitat. Articulation almanach (2019)

The problem of seven bridges. Vozdukh magazine (2014);

Translation exercises. Discursive functions… Abzats almanach (2011);

Rebuses. Visual poems. Novyje Oblaka magazine (2009);

On the rails of silence. Zinziver magazine (2009);

food additives. detextive… Rez magazine (2009);

Selected librenku. Abzats almanach (2008);

Formal disgace. Polutona.ru (2008);

Cardinal directions. Kontrabanda magazine (2008);

tear-новник. koan of roots. Interpoezia magazine (2007);


*all texts are in Russian unless otherwise specified.

**only publications available online listed. For a full list see artistic CV.