Ideal Gas

A recording of my performance at the Blod of a Poet festival, that was held in August 2014 in Riga.

The Symphony of Industrial Horns

169251_640The Symphony of Industrial Horns was a city-wide music performance. It was created in 1920s by Arseny Avraamov with such instruments like cannons, machine guns, planes and of course the aforementioned horns.
In 2009 composer Sergey Khismatov made an electronic reconstruction of the Symphony, and in 2013 I made an online version of it, using sound spatialization tools from Google’s Web Audio API. This version can be found here:
Since Web Audio is currently only supported in Chrome and Safari (versions 6+) browsers, you’ll need either of the two. And since it’s binaural, you naturally need to use headphones.

Inner Voices from Outer Space

I stumbled upon the idea for this project while working on another one, where i participate as both poet and vocal performer. I thought that it could be interesting to make a piece where my poetry reading would be backed by vocal-only music, also performed by myself. Then I took the idea further – what if I take a recording of a poetry reading, process it electronically and play it back as a background music for that very reading? That’s how this project came into being.